Soul Sunday: Zen Techniques For The Soul

Tune out the hustle and bustle of life. Zen your way to balance. Work will always be there. Family and friends will always need you. Time doesn’t stop; but you should. Zen can become your secret weapon by any means necessary. Feeling overwhelmed, frazzled and fatigue? If so; you need “Zen”. These seven simple techniques will help restore your peace of mind. The only catch is; 10-20 minutes of your time is needed to follow the zen.

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Weekend Therapy: 5 Budget Friendly Champagnes You Have To Try

TGIF! Its time for some weekend therapy. Have you been working hard lately? If so, now you have an excuse to indulge in a little self celebration. Forget work & worries. Have a glass of champagne and kick back with your friends this weekend. Here are 5 budget friendly champagnes you have to try.


Music Alert!: Lenny Kravitz Serves Sexy For Latest Memoir

The hardcover visual alone will have your heart skip a beat.  Lenny Kravitz just served another side of sexy to his latest memoir Krazitz” most iconic moments, Lenny Kravitz on stands now. But wait; there’s more! His newly released album titled “Strut” is available as well.This mega rockstar just served us a full course meal. How HOT does Lenny Kravitz look at the tender age of 50?

It still feels like yesterday. Twenty years on the scene and Lenny Kravitz is still able to deliver the goods; musically and visually. Check out some more hot pics from his visual memoir on stands now.

Lenny Kravitz memoir

#WCW: Keke Palmer

From cutesy to sexy and sophisticated. Keke Palmer is growing into her own woman. Her short pixie is giving us life! The ever so famous actress and talk show host; recently stopped by ‘Good Morning America’ looking gorgeous!

Just like Keke! What something fresh? Want something new? Maybe you should get “chopped and screwed! Short layers, pixie cuts, or soft and fluffy. The bolder the better and if you choose to go short. You are on trend my friend. Women prefer show their edgy side for 2014. Chopping those beautiful locks comes with these benefits.