Goodness In One Hit: 7 Ways Vitamin C Can Improve Your Health



It’s more than enough to know the main benefits of taking vitamin C; but maybe we can tell you more. It so happens; Taking high contents of vitamin C can work miracles for……

Pic Of The Day: Ashanti “Out & About”


Ashanti gets our pic of day. The R&B songstress was spotted in NYC this past week smiling from ear to ear after making her appearance on the Today Show.

Everyone knows a smile a day; can keep the doctor away. However; that’s not the only thing it can do. Confidence tops it all, and can be your #1 anti-ageing secret for life!………..

Holiday Happenings: Flavor & Bubbly

Happy holidays! Its time to get into fun mode. It doesn’t take a lot to get your holiday happenings in order. Are you set to host a holiday soiree, dinner party,  or family gathering? If so; let us help with the drinks. These 4 champagne party filled must-do’s can make your gathering the talk of the town. You can thank us later!

Holiday Happenings- Thunderafter51. Pantry style:  According to “Food Network” you can turn a bottle of bubbly into a holiday cocktail using what is already in your pantry.  Add some raspberry preserves or peach jam to some sparkling wine before serving. The bubbly along with the ingredients will intertwine to form a beautiful sight while serving. Check out more holiday bubbly ideas. Thank us later!





Saturday Salute: Get Lifted With Tony Gaskins

Tony A. Gaskin Jr

Our Saturday salute is wayyyyyyyyy overdue for this individual.  He is a well-known author, life coach, and motivational speaker sought out by many!  Challenging women to rise to the occasion of  better self fulfillment, self-respect, self-worth, and self-love. In return, they become a better version of themselves.

Tony Gaskins is everywhere! You may have…..