She’s Around: Rapper Remy Ma Visits BET’S 106 & PARK

All the hype surrounding Bronx rapper Remy Ma is getting crazy. After serving a 6 1/2 year sentence in prison. The New York native was finally released on August 1st. Any and everyone who is a part of the Hip Hop community sent their well wishes. Now that the past is behind her. What does the future hold for Remy Ma?

For her first televised interview; she stopped by BET’s 106 & Park to talk about her experience behind bars, her future plans, and the state of females within Hip Hop today.  Watch the full interview.


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Cover Talk: Nicki Minaj Graces The Cover Of “Fader” Magazine

If looks could kill this would be it. Nicki Minaj is flaunting her cuteness for the latest issue of “Fader” Magazine.


With her new single “Anaconda” topping the charts on itunes Nicki Minaj is ready to set the tone for more success. The Queen’s rapper is gearing up to release another album “The Pink Print” scheduled for release later this year. With all the publicity rounds set for circulation. Nicki has decided to grace the fall issue of  Fader’s magazine.

Inside she discusses being a role model for young black women, the hardships of being a public figure,  as well the high demands of the entertainment industry.

Check out the hot pics below!





Cover Talk: Jill Scott Goes Blonde For Essence Magazine

Jill Scott just gave herself a major image boost. The neo soul diva; and star of this summer’s blockbuster must see; [Get on up] covers the September 2014 issue of Essence Magazine.


While flaunting her new blonde look  and voluptuous curves on the cover of Essence; Jill  is all about claiming her happiness….  My only job is to be happy. So for everybody who cares about me and is not trying to be all up in a ‘celebrity’s business,’ just know that I’m happy” . 

You go girl! Pic up your latest issue of Essence on news-stands now.