@FTER5 Seduction: 5 Ways To Enhance Your Inner Romance

Quality time at home is just what the doctor ordered. Life is more than just work and routine. Take “time out” for “time in”. By releasing your inner romance you can go from blah to ahhhh! However, in order to enjoy it you must go with flow. Whether single or committed. Romance applies to all.  Enhance this quality by…  http://wp.me/p2FYoL-9u

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Red Alert! 3 Sexy Weekend Drinks You Have To Try

red drinkEveryone anticipates the weekend. The moment when you are hours away from busting out of the office doors screaming Hallelujah!  It all goes down @FTER5; so let the fun began. Once the weekend is here you are ready to relax, release, and unwind.  Try these 3 “sexy drinks” that will have you screaming “Red Alert” while enjoying your weekend.

Still Trending: 7 Different Ways To Wear Your Black Blazer

black-blazer-7This way, that way, which way? The seasons will change, but never this trend. The little black blazer is a must have in your wardrobe. Style it up, or style it down.

Here are seven ways to wear your ‘little black blazer:

1. Mix & match: prints can be loud and out there. Want to wear your prints and still keep your look subtle? Add a black blazer to even things out. ..http://wp.me/p2DPm4-jX

Weekend Therapy: 5 Budget Friendly Champagnes You Have To Try

TGIF! Its time for some weekend therapy. Have you been working hard lately? If so, now you have an excuse to indulge in a little self celebration. Forget work & worries. Have a glass of champagne and kick back with your friends this weekend. Here are 5 budget friendly champagnes you have to try.


Time To Get Your Glow On: Eat Your Way To Healthy Skin

Eat Your Way To Healthy SkinLet’s talk about inner beauty 101. Have you ever heard of the saying, “you are what you eat?”  If so, you should know that what you eat plays a major role in how you look. One must always know the skin will forever be your biggest beauty asset, and it all starts with your diet. Eating the right foods will give your outter layer a healthy glow. Here are some basic beauty bites that works on your skin instantly.

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